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There is an endless array of Content Management Systems(CMS) to choose from. It’s not always easy deciding which one will work best for you, or for the particular project you will be working on. When using a CMS, I think it is important to define how it can be beneficial as well as detrimental to that particular project.

According to VentureBeat, as of 2013 roughly 19% of the websites were running WordPress. That makes it the most used CMS on the web. WordPress has quickly become one of my favorite platforms to build websites for freelance and personal work. Here is a list of reasons why I love to use WordPress.


By far, my favorite aspect of WordPress is its plethora of documentation it provides for developers. The Codex gives you endless information on the WordPress platform. Having a CMS that provides documentation can greatly help your workflow. I find the WordPress codex extremely useful when developing something for the first time, or refreshing my memory of a topic.

User Friendly

Another reason that makes WordPress so great is how user friendly it is. As a developer this makes it extremely helpful for me. I am able to set up an environment for my clients that allow them easily navigate and update their content.

Great Community

This next factor doesn’t deal directly with the CMS itself, but the community behind it. Shortly after I starting using WordPress to build sites I learned about the close niche community it has behind it. An instructor introduced me to WordCamp Portland.

WordCamp Portland

WordCamp is a place for developer and bloggers to learn, network, and contribute to WordPress.

So those are the reasons why I enjoy using WordPress. I’d like to know about your favorite CMS and why. Leave comment or email me.

Chris Allen

Chris is a front-end developer based in Seattle, WA where he works at Fresh Consulting. He use his knowledge and skills of various programming languages and web standards in hopes to help provide a user-friendly web experience.