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Peek by UserTesting is a service that allows you to “get a peek into the mind of your users”. It does so by providing you with a 5 minute videos of a real person using your site or app. This particularly service by UserTesting allows you to receive three tests per month free of charge.

I recently discovered Peek and what impressed me most was how quickly you are able to receive a user test from a live user.

How it works

Step One:
Navigate to Select from the dropdown whether you would like to have your website, mobile site, or mobile app tested. Next, if you selected website or mobile site input the desired URL you would like to have tested.

If you are seeking to have an app tested then you will select a particle device and input the name and or publisher of the desired app you would like to test. Just to note, I personally have not gone through the user testing from an app, so I will not be covering or reviewing what takes place in the next steps for app testing.

Step Two:
Input your name and email you would wish to receive the results at.

Step Three:
Wait and then watch the Results! You will see this screen. Estimated time seems to always say 2-3 hours, but usually is much quicker.

Peek UserTesting

What you get

The videos are roughly 5 minutes long. Each user is asked the task to answer 3 different segments, which are:

  • What is your first impression of this web page? What is this web page for?
  • What is the first thing you would like to do on this page? Please go ahead and try to do that now. Please describe your experience.
  • What stood out to you on this website? What, if anything frustrated you about this site? Please summarize your thoughts regarding this website.

The Results for

User Testing 1
User Testing 2
User Testing 3

Things I would like to see

This is a great service for free, and you receive solid feedback from users(most of the time), but I would like to see more. In specific, I would like to see more data, such as tech specs, location, demographics, and user profession. I’m assuming provides this as a paid feature, but I would like just a little information to go along with the test for the free version.

All and all, I enjoy and benefit from Peek’s service. It has helped me to improve cpallen, and I plan to use it for future freelance projects.

Chris Allen

Chris is a front-end developer based in Seattle, WA where he works at Fresh Consulting. He use his knowledge and skills of various programming languages and web standards in hopes to help provide a user-friendly web experience.

  • John Weidner

    I’ve developed an affordable user testing service. ( What type of “tech specs” were you looking for?