WordPress plugin highlight: Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)

Awhile back I wrote a guest post on my companies website that demonstrates a basic example of how we utilize Advanced Custom Fields for our websites. Check it out at https://www.freshconsulting.com/wordpress-plugin-highlight-advanced-custom-fields/

Snowfall Animation Tutorial

Wishing everyone a happy holidays! To get into the holiday spirit follow this tutorial for snowfall animations.

Peek by UserTesting: Review

Peek is a user testing app created by UserTesting, which allows you to get insight from real user with a five minute video of them reviewing your website or mobile app.

WP Theme Development: Discovery

Over the span of the next few months I will be working on creating a WordPress theme built specifically for creative types who have little to no experience with coding websites. I will be writing blog post for each phase of this project in hopes to provide a step-by-step documentation of creating a WordPress theme.

CSS Animations: Moving Clouds

Awhile ago I created a pen for an idea that I had for my new portfolio site. The concept never made it past ideation, but the pen became pretty popular so I decided to write about it.

Why I use WordPress

WordPress has quickly become one of my favorite platforms to build websites and applications with. Here is a list of reasons why I use WordPress

My top 3 web reading resources

A list of my top 3 web reading resources that I check out on frequent basis. These sites provide me insight on current happenings around the web, tutorials, and inspiration.

Welcome to cpallen

This is an introductory post of myself, the redesign of my new website, and what to expect in the future from this blog.